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Dundaga 100% wool

This is 100% Latvian sheep wool yarn, also called Dundaga yarn.
The production process has its old family traditions (more than 50 years). Yarn is very pure, carefully dyed and it is even washed in pond water, which allows to keep the maximum of lanolin (up to 70%), which guarantees that your knitted socks or sweaters will be very, very warm. The yarns are beautifully dyed with long sections of each color. The color changes are gradual and therefore beautiful to look at. Because the yarn at Pāces Vilnas Fabrika is colored in small quantities, your knitted jacket or scarf will be unique.

Important! Dundaga wool is much rougher than merinowool. It is more like homemade rustic wool. Therefore, it is very warm, beautiful and durable. After each wash, the garment becomes softer and softer.
Yarn is suitable for knitting, crocheting, felting and weaving.
Hand wash is preferred.
No chemicals are used in production, so it is recommended to wash the yarn before knitting to make it softer.

We took the photos in natural daylight. Please note that different computer monitors may show a slight color difference.

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